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IELTS is a vocabulary test

IELTS test should be Cambridge with descriptive answers

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Welcome. This is the IELTS Lemon roadmap.

Placement Exam

We suggest you to take the placement test first to figure out your approximate.



After the placement test, get your specific study-plan and a list of the most suitable resources; based on your current level, targeted band score ...

Start your study path

You will get a detailed plan based on which you can start your IELTS study and practice.

If you are about to practice and strengthen one of the four skills - listening, reading, writing, speaking - this section is for you. Chose one skill and practice it on different topics.
Cambridge IELTS books are the most official and reliable source for IELTS practice; here in addition to interactive tests, we have prepared a complete analysis of these books, along with numerous examples for writing and speaking parts.

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Welcome to the ieltslemon website. The study method, learning style and targeted score of IELTS test applicants are very diverse. So, it is not possible that one person's study-plan and study method works for the others. In order to have your specific study-plan that fits your targeted score, or to see how you can achieve your desired overall score in several ways with separate skill scores, fill out the ieltslemon planning form to be get your real and suitable study-plan ... no worries ... we are with you until the very day of the test.
Get your study-plan